Taking action.

Taking action.

Today I realized something. Almost 5 years has passed since I started working on the Powerfast Method. I’ve written the program, let it incubate for a while, looked at it again and re-written the entire thing. Not only once, but I have re-written the program 3 times now. I need to take some of my own advice here and get to action. I decided to simply put the latest version online as it is. At the moment it is considerably shorter than the previous versions, but this time I’m writing with the intention to publish.

I’m going to keep the online version public indefinitely, and when I’m happy with the result I’m going to move on to write the book. This is something that has had enough time to incubate. Now it’s time for results.

You will see the method being revised and expanded for the next couple of months, and during this time I will actively blog my advances and thoughts. I hope that you will give me feedback and suggestions on the way it’s progressing. Just register to the forum and send post or comment on the blog, I am very thankful for all the feedback I can get.

During the time between when I started writing this project and now, I have read a lot of books and listened to even more audio programs. I am convinced that the approach I have, has something to offer. My problem has been with shaving down all the irrelevant material which, while being valid psychology, fail to express the unique ideas I’m trying to bring forth. There’s enough recyclable self-help out there. I have no interest in dumping yet another clone of the same-old onto that pile.

The first version was a mess. I was completely awestruck by the new world I quite suddenly fell into 5 years ago and I frantically tried to explain all of it like a mad man. Every single analogy about perception of life I could think of was thrown on the paper. I needed this time to gain some perspective. During these years I have removed at least 10 different methods after I saw how they are simply different manifestations of the same thing. I finally whittled it down to 3 central pillars that have yet to fail me to describe any solution to a lifestyle problem.

Separation, Paradigm & Action.

Separation is all about creating a separation between the ego and the being. Recently I have read a lot about Taoism which resonate beautifully with my original idea of separation (maybe I truly AM simply recycling things from my subconscious). But the day that I realized that the role I play and the person I am are not the same thing, my life changed forever. A huge weight was lifted of my shoulders.

Paradigm is about harnessing our innate power to control the reality we experience. Well, control is probably not the appropriate word because a big part of practicing this art is understanding that control is an illusion. Maybe we’ll call it steering. We can steer the direction of our personal perception of reality.

Action was added because it is too commonly forgotten. We need to act for anything to happen. Even the zen monks display this with their active presence. Especially in a world where motivation is so easy to lose, this section seemed more than relevant.

These three pillars represent the work I have been doing for the last 5 years. I hope you find something from them. This is a work in progress and today I start progressing rapidly.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. You are the reason I get up and work.