What is The Powerfast Method?

The Powerfast Method started out as a collection of ideas to help people take control over their situation and build a more positive reality around themselves. But after several years in development it became something more. It has proven to be a simple pointer towards something that is very basic. Something what we tend to forget. A guide to personal power and freedom.

After several years of studying applied psychology and self-help material, I found some basic elements that seemed to be the cornerstones for successful life changing methods. With this in mind I set my mission to “Create the most powerful, effortlessly applicable, mind tool ever”, and even today I still work with that as my motivator.

The program went through several versions, revisions and total rebuilds until I finally found the three absolute pillars of the method. They are Separation, Paradigm & Action. Three elements that, when used properly, can be applied to any life situation to take control over one’s situation and create an outstanding result.

While writing down the method, I constantly edited myself and cut out everything irrelevant. The problem with most life-style altering programs is the complexity and therefore the difficult application in every-day life. This is why I took the time to write shortly and effectively.

The Powerfast Method is created to help people in challenging situations to get the power and energy needed to help themselves. It can be applied by anyone and I firmly believe that it can help everyone. If your goal is to gain confidence, motivate yourself to go after a dream, find the courage to change your life or simply to teach yourself a new set of mind skills, The Powerfast Method is here to provide solid methods to help you through this challenge. If you struggle with anxiety, depression or loneliness, here you can find something that has helped several people in your situation.

And here’s the best part. The Powerfast Method is available to anyone free-of-charge. I intended this to help as many people as possible and it seems logical that if I simply give it away, it will reach more people. If you want to support me in my efforts to continue to improve The Powerfast Method and this website you can leave a donation from the “Donate” button on the upper right-hand side of the page. I am very thankful for any help I can get. Believe me when I say, the donations are greatly appreciated.

The Basic Elements

The Powerfast Method is based on three pillars, which are Separation, Paradigm & Action. These pillars are the result of years of studying applied behavioral psychology and self-help, own personal experience of treating panic disorder and depression, and through experience of using these methods to continue to gain motivation to pursue my own personal goals and dreams year after year.

We’ll start by looking into Separation. Which has all to do with ego. Let’s just jump right in.