The Powerfast Method Summarized

Separation, paradigm and action. I wanted to start by showing that every one of these subjects are deep in nature and can be applied in very thorough ways. But the simplicity of the method is found in simply applying the subjects as wholes to any given situation. Whatever life throws at you or whatever you want to accomplish, just try going through these three steps.

1. Separate yourself from the situation.

Reality is created by the mind. Whatever you are trying to affect you need a realistic perception of the  situation. This is gained by stepping out of the over-analyzing mind and experiencing the situation via the physical world. Step out of your mind and in to the physical being, into the moment.

2. Create a new paradigm.

Reality equals the perception and the associations one has of the surrounding world. Adopt a truthful paradigm that serves you well and make decisions with positive outcomes in mind. The first step helped you to get an objective view on the situation, now use the second step to decide what to focus on, what is the outcome, what is important, what do you ignore, etc. Make a new paradigm that helps you towards the true outcome your after.

3. Take action.

After you  know what to do, do it. Taking action is what separates you from most of the people in the world. Love what you do and do what you love. Enjoy every part of the journey.

This is the entire method simplified. Take the time to understand each step and make it a lifestyle. Do not adopt these lessons in the way many adopt quick diets. A well working or long lasting quick diet does not exist. Same goes with transformational methods. You will notice results almost immediately after starting to apply the lessons, but unless you make it a constant part of your life the effects will fade. Either your progressing and regressing, nothing stands still.

The method is intended to be a continuous work-in-progress. I will expand, fix and revise as I learn. What I want is you to join the process. So please join the forum and join the discussion. Help me work on the next revision of the program and hopefully together we can make it more powerful than I every could alone.

Finally, this is the line that popped in my head before I started working on the method, and throughout the entire process it has been the motivating force behind my work.

Become a positive influence to the world. When you become a positive influence, simply the fact that you exist makes the world a better place.

– EbbeC  2013