Do what you love and love what you do.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Everything we do should be motivated by what we love.

There’s always more than one way to look at any situation and it’s sad how often we tend to forget this. The routine takes over and we resent this. Even the things that started out with love for the idea as the the motivator might slowly turn sour, and we feel a resentment to be bothered with this repeating task. This is especially true for the work we do in our jobs. It doesn’t really matter how beautiful of an idea it was that led us to the work we do, if the day-to-day work starts seeming more as an obstacle you need to climb over just to realize that there’s another one waiting behind it – the love quickly loses focus under the burden of the labor.

It really needs to be an ongoing state of mind to be determined to be motivated by something we love rather than something we fear. When we forget to be motivated by what we love the mind automatically calls the task into question. If there is no positive motivation, it defaults on the fear of what might happen if we stop. The loss of income, the creditors waiting for payments, the lack of security, the loss of social relationships, etc. Having fear as a motivator consumes our being. Doing things for the fear of stopping is an ugly trap enclosed with resentment and despair.

The good news is that this is a choice. We can, and should, choose our motivation.

Do we want to get a new job because we hate our current job, or because we love the idea of a new job? Do we stay where we are because we fear moving, or because of the all the things we love about this place? Do we exercise because we fear the consequences of poor health, or because we love the benefits of good health? Are we wasting time or did we realize a better use of our time?

There is always different ways to look at the situation we’re in and the reasons we have. The challenge is to choose wisely. It must be a conscious decision to actively make the right choice. Our mind tends to default on the immediate moment, unless we have a valid reason to convince it otherwise. The immediate moment might be misleading because all progress is work and work is sometimes hard. Hard work is always the price of the biggest rewards, but hard work motivated by fear is only consuming.

Whenever making a decision, ask yourself – Is this decision motivated by fear or love?

Find a way to make everything you do be motivated by what you love. If you find yourself resentful about something you “need to do”, stop / re-evaluate / act. There’s no reason to punish yourself any further, be continuously motivated by what you love.