Power of Acceptance and Gratitude

Power of Acceptance and Gratitude

When I first started writing the Powerfast Method I was at the peak of my personal power and freedom, later I’ve noticed how much of the things I took as self-evident that I eventually left out of the method. One of these is Acceptance and Gratitude.

So many of our time is spent concentrating on how we want things to be different in our lives. We’d like to get more money, change location, get more time, be more healthy and have all kinds of things that we don’t yet have. We’re so lost in our vision of an ideal state that this very moment is treated like purgatory. Something that we need to endure to eventually get to our goals. A waiting room. This however is completely flawed reasoning.

As long as we’re planning to be happy in the future, we are actively making a choice not to be happy now.¬†When we give ourselves terms on which we will allow ourselves to be content and happy, there is no room for being that now. When we have one leg in the past and another in the future, we constantly walk over the only place where happiness can exist. This very moment.

The secret is in acceptance and gratitude.

It starts by simply accepting, with no judgment, every situation when it comes. Not anticipating a situation and giving in to it before it arrives, but accepting things as they physically are at any given situation. This is takes away the barrier between you and the natural flow of things. Things happen, and then there’s you. What you are can’t be defined by the constantly changing circumstances. Accept the circumstances as they come like water accepts anything thrown into it. The water doesn’t hesitate to adapt to the new situation. Things happen, and then there’s you. Things are not happening TO you.

I’m not suggesting passivity. We do have control to affect situations. However, we can’t change what things are now, we can only change what they will become. So at this very moment resisting is unnecessary. Acceptance empowers us to progress with the benefit of being totally aware and unchained to the surrounding circumstances. We are who we are, no matter what the circumstances may be.

After acceptance comes Gratitude. This must be the most powerful virtues to adapt to radically transform ones life. When total acceptance has become a part of our nature we can be grateful for everything we experience while in the situation. Things happen, there’s acceptance with no judgment, there’s gratitude for the experience or the lesson and then there’s you.

Gratefulness is something that can, and should, be practiced in several ways. It can be a part of our continuous existence. Everything we see, hear, experience and learn can be echoed within our gratitude. Our brain is a wondrous thing. Anywhere it finds gratitude, it finds more of. This is something we don’t even need to be constantly aware of, the brain works for us. We’ve all heard the saying that we only use a fraction of the power of our brain, but time and time again it has been shown that we can tap into that large reservoir of power by stimulating the subconscious with appropriate stimuli. Gratitude is one of the most effective tool for this I have encountered.

Whatever it is that we want in our life, we need to be extremely grateful for it. Suddenly it gets easier and easier to attract that very thing from surprising directions. Our brain does most of the work hidden from us, but the results will be clearly visible.

Be grateful for the money you have. Especially if you have a little.
Be grateful for the love you have. Love always multiplies when shared.
Be grateful for the skills you have. Practicing becomes effortless.
Be grateful for the job you have. Especially if you’re looking to change jobs.

Our brain doesn’t want us to attract things into our life that are linked to pain. If we constantly think about our lack of money, we have linked money with pain. If we constantly think about how we hate our job, we have linked a job with pain. We want to make the links beneficial for us.

When we concentrate on gratitude, we need to really feel it with intensity. There needs to be a strong physical emotion of gratitude. Saying the words is a good start but not nearly enough. The brain understands a chemical response that cannot be faked. We need to feel intensely grateful.

Don’t worry if this becomes an ongoing habit. This cannot be overdone. There is no such thing as too much gratitude. When it becomes an integral piece of what you are, things will be different. Time slows down and the world opens up. Don’t allow this habit to fade.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful for anyone who takes the time to read my humble thoughts.